Profiadau / Experiences – an opportunity to enrich the classroom and excite the learning.


On Tuesday, we will discover what content will appear in the curriculum for Wales. We will have a breakdown of suggested knowledge and skills as well as a better understanding of progression steps. Yet, I believe tha profiadau / experiences will allow the learning to come alive. Both the teacher and the voice of the pupil will drive the teaching and learning, either setting the spark or deepening the understanding.

To visit a gallery is to bring a picture alive.
To open the door to the past.
To learn about the local area surrounding the school.
To visit a stadium graced by your sporting heroes.
To visit a theatre and watch the creative arts come alive.
Experiences, allow you to view the world with a different eye.

Profiadau – y gallu i brofi.

Experiences – the ability to experience

I have primarily focussed on trips but some of the best experiences involves inviting people into your school. Giving the pupils a fantastic understanding of what they are about to learn. I have been inspired by stories from parents and grandparents. Two experiences come to mind when writing this post. One was a grandparent that discussed being an evacuee during World War 2. The pupils were in awe, inspired and full of admiration as we learnt about the highs and lows, the reality rather than the media version of such an experience on a young child.                  

The next was a recent experiene where a parent through having an injury decided to change her outlook and became one of the greatest endurance racers in the world and without doubt the greatest from Wales. A true inspiration to every child and adult. The ability to go to the next step of endurance, to demonstrate resilience, commitment, drive to succeed and so much more. Ysbrydoliaeth anhygoel!

Sometimes an experience happens without planning e.g. when an experiment goes wrong, where humour takes hold of a classroom, where you’ve said something the wrong way but somehow leads to a better understanding. In Welsh we say ar hap a damwain and in english, by accident. But these experiences can be true treasures of learning.

Whatever the curriculum brings on January 28th, I’m looking forward to every teacher taking the opportunity to enrich the lives of every pupil by putting experiences front and centre.

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