Diolch / Thank you


Since the end of 2013, I have written posts on my blog. The original reason for writing was to create a competition with my son (he went on to become one of the top young football bloggers). I found writing very therapeutic. As we know, in education, you have very little time to think and consider. One of my very first posts was ‘Think for a minute’, not very successful in terms of views but perfect as a reminder to myself on taking time to consider and think. To share my thoughts has been a privilege. I might not have the most popular education blog, yet, for me success is based around the fact that writing a post has allowed me to take that time to consider.

Time is precious and every word written has provided me with the time to develop my own vision, goals, thoughts and opinions. During the past decade, the post that caused the greatest debate was ‘How important is the role of the teacher?’ Why? A twitter debate rages between facilitators and direct teaching but as with everything, my opinion is about striking a balance that is right for the class and the subject matter.

It gives me a sense of well-being to put my thoughts in writing. Readers are welcome to disagree, agree, add to the discussion or consider an alternative. The key being that what is my opinion might be food for thought for others.

As a proud Welshman, to write in my own language has been liberating. Very few blogs on education are available through the medium of Welsh and at the time of greatest change in education in Wales, to share my thoughts with others in Cymraeg has been very important.

Diolch anferth felly i bawb sydd wedi darllen fy ngwaith. Yr wyf yn hynod o ddiolchgar am eich cefnogaeth.

In the same way, you will find very few articles describing the Welsh dimension and I have made a firm commitment to make this a feature of my posts. I don’t apologise for this as very few blogs provide an insight into this area that is crucial to our Welsh heritage but more importantly (in my opinion) a vision for our future. To provide readers with access to articles of interest, I hope has helped and supported teachers across Wales.

The greatest surprise I have had is the number of international readers especially in USA, South Africa, Slovakia, Ireland and many other countries. If I was to base my best post on an international level then the clear winner would be ‘How do I teach?’ I find it very humbling that readers in other countries have taken time to read my posts.

With 30 000 views since 2013, I would like to thank every follower, reader and supporter since the inception of my blog. I hope to continue to write as we approach the new decade and wish each and everyone of you,

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

Happy New year!

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  1. cilwerydd says:

    Diolch Richard. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i ti hefyd. Rwyn edrych ymlaen i ddarllen dy waith yn 2020 a diolch am fy nghynwys yn y rhestr! Cofion cynnes atoch i gyd. Helen.

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