Celebrating the Welsh Dimension

During the past week I have had many conversations regarding the Welsh dimension that will be a major feature of our new curriculum in Wales. A common theme that arose was the lack of knowledge regarding the amazing innovation, creativity and technology that exists within our country. Sporting prowess was understood more and acknowledged however without really celebrating the success in sport on a world stage by a population of 3 million people. As a small nation we achieve a great deal yet how much of the success of Wales do we share with our pupils? How often do we choose themes without considering the Welsh dimension?

We have a rich heritage and I will be writing about that in a different post however I wanted to focus on the present and our achievements today because as a colleague explained in a meeting, he had searched for information about Wales and research innovation and came up blank, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to include the information, it wasn’t easy to find.

As a nation we are prone to seeing the cup half empty and as a population we don’t demand from our media knowledge of what is happening in Wales today. Negative news makes headline positive news rarely features. 95% of our understanding of events in Wales today comes from London based media and it isn’t in their readerships interest to place too many column inches to Wales. I think we need an online resource that celebrates Welsh achievements however as a starting point, I have gathered the links below. Before designing your theme for the summer term, I would implore you to cnsider how you could use some of these links in your work.

Research and Innovation:






Business, Technology and Innovation:








Sporting Prowess:


Our rugby team 19/8/19 will be ranked no.1 in the world. Although in reality this is meaningless in terms of the World Cup, the fact that a nation of 3.3 million people can have the no.1 ranking in the world is remarkable. We have beaten Australia, South Africa, Argentina and England twice as well as an Ireland side that had beaten New Zealand. We need to feel pride in the red shirt of Wales, in an achievement unmatched by any other Northern Hemisphere nation since 2009.



Geraint Thomas:

Jade Jones:

Our great Welsh rugby team, ‘Mewn Undod mae Nerth’

Our fantastic football team #TogetherStronger









Simply the Best: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/travel/wales-named-one-most-beautiful-15660434


This list isn’t exhaustive and I’m sure many people could add to the content but hopefully it will allow teachers in Wales to think differently about the Welsh dimension and celebrate Wales. The glass should be seen as half full as we move forward with the new Curriculum.

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