Teachers…..they make the difference!


#WorldTeachersDay was a very successful event on social media and it was wonderful to read so many tributes to people that have chosen a career that really makes a difference to the life of every child.

Teaching isn’t a job. Teaching isn’t ‘9 till 5’. Teaching is a career, a chosen profession that comes with great responsibility. One of the best descriptions to be found on the web is available on the link below.


Teaching can be stressful. It is almost impossible to fully switch off from a child in school that might have difficulty in his or her home life.  It is also impossible to visit a new place or learn new ideas without thinking how you can adapt them in your lessons. The mind is constantly active and it is true to say that once a teacher, always a teacher. 

What is also true is that a teacher posses the greatest gift, the ability to improve the life of every child in their care.

We are so much more than a provider of information, we are not robots or an Ai interface. We are the people that learn the individual needs of a child, that understand that making mistakes is a natural process on the journey to discovery. As teachers we provide care and attention that can sometimes be lacking in the life of a child. We are a doctor, nurse, psychologist, carer, we all of these and so much more. 

Despite all this responsibility, the greatest excitement can be gained in a simple thank you from a child, or to be a part of a light bulb moment, when a child learns to read or add or write his/her name. The smile that radiates from a child when they take great joy in their success provides a teacher with the strength and the reasoning to keep going even during the most trying of days.

Here are some of my favourite quotes that remind me each day that every child is different and every experience is a wonderful opportunity, 

The next image is a poster of a film and without spoiling the plot, I believe it should be viewed by every teacher or student who wants to become a teacher. Quite simply you will learn how a teacher inspires imagination. 

And remember,

We are the profession that opens the gateway to a world of opportunity, to a world that will hopefully inspire children to reach for the stars and to search for that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Whilst following a career in teaching remember the importance of a work and life balance. In Wales guidance has been created to support teachers with their workload,

Many countries face a shortageof teachers and for anyone reading this blog and wishes to choose a career then hopefully you will feel that perhaps you could make a difference to the life of a child. 

I’m selfishly going to finish the post with a few more of my favourite quotes,

And always remember, 

And never lose the awe and wonder,

Diolch i bob athro ac athrawes dros y Byd!

A big thank you to all teachers across the World!

You truly make a difference!

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  1. Tegwen Ellis says:

    Diolch Rich!!!

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