It’s raining Sherbert Lemons #TMSouthWales

I had the great pleasure of attending my first Teach Meet on Tuesday. To be inspired is to learn, to remember what makes you a success and to build on that ability. On Tuesday we were graced with two fantastic keynote speakers of the highest quality.

@musicmind brought the #fizz back into education. 

With all the accountability and expectations in education what we often forget is the importance of the fizz or what could be defined as the x factor. Why sherbert lemons? Well apart from being @musicmind favourite sweet, it is an excellent metaphor for education.  Any school has to be built on firm foundations and no school will achieve that bond of success without first creating the correct environment for learning and developing an effective pedagogy that allows creativity to flourish. These are the firm foundations however we were asked to describe our 3 unique ingredients that we believe truly create the #fizz in our lessons and it is the sherbert in the sweet that provides that unique experience.
The link above will take you to the excellent website that will help you to develop the fizz in your lessons.

@ASTsupportAAli reminded the audience of a crucial aspect of our work, quite simply know your students! This message is so relevant in a world driven by data, spreadsheets and exam results.

It sounds so simple, know your students. The phrase leave your baggage at the entrance to a school does not and should not apply to the students. We will never truly know what type of morning our students have experienced before entering the classroom. Have they had breakfast? Have they cared for a younger sibling or parent? A very simple exercise that @ASTsupportAAli suggested is to ask the students to complete the sentence, ‘Teacher I want you to know……….’ 

An image that has remained in my head since that evening is one of the cup half full or half empty,

In Wales, we are too quick to see the cup as half empty when actually across the globe, teachers are amazed at the opportunity we have of developing our own curriculum. A successful future is ours if we truly take ownership of ‘Successful Futures’ which is the document created by Graham Donaldson to shape our curriculum.  

It is well worth taking the time to listen to @ASTsupportAAli

Here are some of my thoughts that I tweeted on the evening from a number of excellent practitioners  who shared their knowledge and experience,

#TMSouthWales @ASTsupportAAli Making achievement accessible to all pupils…..a key message

…..the quantity of feedback should not be confused with quality….#TMSouthWales
CPD to develop a deeper understanding of learning #TMSouthWales
Learning questions key to effective feedback….. #TMSouthWales
Cliffhangers….do we encourage our pupils to want to return to the lesson? #TMSouthWales
Aspirational marking…. @ASTsupportAAli #TMSouthWales
Start everyday with a smile… true @musicmind #TMSouthWales
Finding that fizz, that individual creativity to  make a difference. Cymorth arbennig gan @musicmind #TMSouthWales
Learning booklets….a journey to build pupil confidence by @MACSEnglish #TMSouthWales Gwych!
you make the weather…. @CristaHazell very true….#TMSouthWales
@CristaHazell closed the evening by reminding us, we create the weather in the classroom as teachers. As leaders we are responsible for the weather in our schools. We have and are in control of the weather we create. With this in mind wouldn’t it be wonderful if we made everyday a blue sky,

Or if it constantly rained sherbert lemons!

The above link takes you to my small contribution to the evening filmed by @ICTEvangelist. Diolch!

Finally, a big thank you goes to @JosephBaldwin and @Mr_ALNCo for taking the time to organise a wonderful event. Diolch! #TMSouthWales 

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