A World of Pure Imagination or Back to School?


I apologise for the title but I wanted to discuss both and during my holiday mode of thought, they have merged into one. Let us begin at the beginning or perhaps the end of the beginning  with a song,​

As we celebrate the world of Roald Dahl,


Three words are constantly on my mind, ‘Back to School’. Before I had finished last term my local Supermarket was telling me I was returning despite the fact I hadn’t even finished. I’m sure that this phenomenon does not only happen in Wales. I digress, the point I’m trying to make is that the words ‘Back to School’ can be daunting even worrying for pupils and students alike. #backtoschool can mean many things but in purely shopping terms it implies pens, pencils, rulers etc In reality, surely this should be more fun? Surely back to School is more than a set of utensils on special reduction?

What does it mean? 

I always laugh on reading this joke as it constantly reminds me that pupils and teachers have very similar feelings on the first day of term. Perhaps a sense of shared emotions can lead to strong bonds as the educational journey of a new academic year begins. 

Without becoming focused on academic targets, graphs that demonstrate progress etc I would like to share my feelings that a School should be a place where imagination is allowed to flourish.  I have listened to a variety of authors stating how they felt that their imagination wasn’t encouraged at School.  I understand fully that all schools have to provide the basics, spelling, handwriting and grammar but I would strongly argue that school should also be a place where imagination can lead the way. To discover,  to create, to excite and to thrill. These should be central to the thoughts of all educationalists across the globe. 

Perhaps I can turn once again to Roald Dahl for inspiration, 

Do you believe that School can be a place of magic? Matilda certainly did and the power of happiness against adversity shone a light across the classroom. An element of magic happens every single day whether it is in a smile, a warm hello or achieving a question that was creating a sense of….I can’t do this. Magic is whatever you wish it to be and so is school. To steal a hash tag from the Football Association of Wales, #Togetherstronger is the key to discovering the magic within a School. Let us put this into context,

If our world is a School then ‘Back to Work’ shouldn’t be as daunting as it sounds and actually,

@TrueTenor via @moodcards, sum this up perfectly. 

I worry about many things before the new term begins. Sometimes it can be difficult not to worry however the caption above stops me in my track and makes me realise that rather than worrying about the future let’s start dreaming, creating and building for a successful year.

Exactly! Although as a Headteacher,  people presume that you will always have the answer, when sometimes the answer needs to be discovered as a team.

As @HealingMB states quite clearly, we need to be positive in our approach to the new term and remember,

Let us greet the new academic year with good thoughts and as we celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl we must remember, 

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  1. erthom1 says:

    “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
    ― Roald Dahl

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