To dream, to fail, to learn, to succeed!


I’m extremely proud of Wales and I believe our National football team and our fans are representing our nation with a great sense of pride and purpose. Admiration and respect are the rewards of doing well in a global competition. However, my blog is on education and as such I have often searched for a quote that encapsulates my beliefs. It hasn’t been an easy search but finally it came on Friday after the victory against Belgium,


Graphic from @WBQNewportHigh

Chris Coleman has managed in a few lines what I have tried to follow in my career.

As a leader of a School, I realise that I have a responsibility to provide inspiration, a vision within which all stakeholders can share.
Quite simply I believe that a dream, an ambition, a need to strive and achieve are extremely important. This is true for the whole school, individual child and staff. Yet the values that provide the foundation for any dream are perseverance and resilience. These are both crucial for any dream to succeed. As Chris Coleman rightly states, failure or rather mistakes are an essential part of the journey.

With all the pressure to succeed that falls on every school and every pupil, an atmosphere of avoiding risk, keeping things within a narrow field and not taking the leap outside of the box can often control your actions. Mistakes are an essential stage in anyone’s learning. How to learn from a mistake or failure often provides a path to success. I’m hoping that the new curriculum in Wales will provide the flexibility to allow pupils to make mistakes and will also allow pupils the freedom to develop independent learning skills through research and investigation. Education should not be a memory test, it should provide pupils with life skills that allow them to achieve!

If this is true then we need to create an effective learning environment within our classrooms and make sure that we teach pupils from an early age that it’s okay to make a mistake, the key is how we persevere in order to succeed. We therefore need to introduce an understanding of resilience. This requires a strong emphasis on emotional literacy however to be resilient, to know that hard work leads to success is an essential value that needs to be taught!

Let us all be inspired by the words of Chris Coleman. Here is my advice to myself and in a small way, might also inspire others.

To dream is to believe,
To make mistakes is to learn,
To persevere is to try again,
To be resilient is the road to success.

Pob lwc Cymru!

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