Education in 2016. Thoughts and Suggestions.

Education is continually changing and 2016, especially in Wales is both an exciting and perhaps daunting prospect. During 2015, I further developed my links on social media and I would advise everyone that is involved in education in our country to follow @ImpactWales. The best sketch map that I have discovered was shared by them on Twitter yesterday,


In a nutshell, this explains to all leaders how to prepare for the present academic year however the path to 2020 will bring many challenges. Yet, despite all of the changes, what we must all accept is that ultimately education has always been and always will be about the pupils. @HeadPdcs has shared one of the best graphics I have seen for a while



The key sentence for myself is,

‘The learning is in the struggle to get the right answer.’

I recently presented an assembly on ‘Dyfal Barhad’ as one of our key values. It means to be persistent and not to give up at the first hurdle. I discussed the importance of having a hobby and how self discipline was essential. Many pupils in our school excel at activities outside of school, we have a National dancing champion, a Ballroom Champion, a runner that is becoming one of the best athletes in his age range. It is an essential skill that is not often taught.

For leaders all over the world, I think this next quote from @911well is very important to remember,


Even when leaders are at their lowest ebb, it is still essential to try and remain positive for the staff and to try and resolve a situation together. This isn’t easy, in fact, it can be very difficult but staff need to understand that leaders don’t always have an answer and in the same way leaders need to understand that you don’t need to be pressurising yourself if you don’t have the answer. Often it is about taking the journey to discover an answer together.


From @911well

How often do we take the time to laugh in school? If we believe that being happy is an important element of our lives and those of pupils in school then surely laughter has to be one of the most important sounds.

But leaders are under great demands at present. In a recent conference held by the Central South Consortium, I was relieved that someone leading a keynote speech understood that the Pay and Conditions of Headteachers must change, if we are expected to support and help other Schools. All Governing Bodies will need to understand that this is an expectation rather than an add on that can lead to discourse.

Collaboration can and does work but sometimes measuring the impact is difficult. Sometimes we need to understand that certain innovations, interventions and ideas are not always immediately



Allowing time to think is always difficult but sometimes you need to take a minute and give yourself that space in order to achieve the best results. This quote neatly sums up my point.

Calm against frustration, calm against impulsive decisions that might lead to more difficult situations in the future. The following thought from @emmalporter is also very true but sometimes difficult to follow,


Time management is my New Years Resolution but I think I have broken it already by writing my Headteacher’s report all day Saturday. We do worry, everyone worries but it is how we manage the worry that is key to our personal success or failure. If you have lost your glasses (often) then has worrying ever allowed you to discover them sooner and the answer is a categorical NO!

As I approach the end of my post I would like to suggest some people to follow. For ICT, #aussieED Absolutely brilliant chats every Sunday morning. #Edchatie provides an insight to education across the Irish sea. For Welsh taught through English Medium Schools, @MrGWallCymraeg and @Barringtonjmock and for the latest in media articles on education (including Wales), @Schoolsimprove.

Many changes are coming but perhaps with a smile, less worry and collaboration we will see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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