It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


Having begun my phased return to work during November, the countdown had already begun to Christmas. All the staff were fine tuning scripts, carols were being chosen and the children were beginning to realise that Christmas was just around the corner. Without the ability to climb the stairs at present, my Office is now situated off the School hall. For the first time in a while I know all the songs for every show/Carol Service that will be presented to parents over the next few weeks.

In every school across the land a similar scene is being set and the purpose of my post is simply to thank every single teacher and teaching assistant for making Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. Without the dedication of the staff, many pupils would not have the opportunity to learn about the true message of Christmas and, to quote another song, that the power of love, is truly a force for good!

In what is increasingly becoming a busy time of the academic year, it is a true wonder of the world that pupils perform so well. It is remarkable how the pupils can raise their game for that extra special performance.

Mishaps are part of the joy, the odd donkey going astray, the odd word mispronounced, the scratching of heads trying to remember their words and of course despite all eventualities being covered, there will always be that unexpected event.

The joy and smiles on the faces of the pupils echoes the words of Paul McCartney, simply having a wonderful Christmas time. It is true to say that not all pupils enjoy performing however it is also true to say that they enjoy taking part by helping with the production. It is also true to say that children and staff are very tired as we get closer to the end of term.

When the final concert is completed and the holidays begin, raise a glass to your achievements and the special memories you have created for many families.

Diolch and thank you for all your hard work.


Merry Christmas!


Thank you!

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