A Post for Newly Qualified Teachers

In Wales and the rest of the UK many new Teachers would have begun a career in education last week. I hope that the first week has brought a smile, joy and memories to cherish. As the year continues it will truly become an emotional roller coaster,

This you tube link will hopefully bring a smile especially for the Welsh speakers among you and Welsh rugby fans. However it is true to say that being in a classroom will have ups, downs, plateaus and many bumps along the road. Sometimes, it will be difficult but the most important advice that anyone could give comes from @emmalporter


This quote should remain with you at all times! Whenever you feel low, unsure, insecure remember the good times; create lasting memories that keep you moving forward and provide the inspiration when you need it the most.

On a personal note, never have small steps been more important in my life. I recently ruptured my Achilles tendon and the injury is extremely frustrating, without going into too much detail, never has the following quote been more true, true


Every tip toe on my road to recovery counts and as a young teacher perhaps I didn’t realise this. Looking back, perhaps I was too eager to make great strides without making sure that every step counts for every child. That is the key to being a good teacher but a great teacher also realises the power of a smile and a smile can make a world of difference to a child because, as  @JasonElsom and @87history identifies,


It is through engagement with the learner that true success can flourish. Keeping pupils engaged is the harder task. Many teachers can create a brilliant introduction to a lesson but great teachers learn to maintain that engagement throughout the lesson and the year.

I would like to make one plea as you begin your year of discovery, never forget the child that sits in the corner, walks the school yard alone and never seems to interact. The next quote from @teachergoals sums this up perfectly,


With time being your enemy (or that is how it will feel), the disengaged child is the one that is easily forgotten.

On the subject of goals, I have recently read ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Professor Steve Peters and it has an excellent chapter discussing success. Goals are camps or stages on the road to achieving a dream. The goals are either maintain or target goals. What hit me the most is the importance of ensuring that you celebrate each time you reach a goal and make sure that you maintain that progress. I have set a dream of being able to walk again and my goals are aimed towards this. Whilst teaching, make sure that you are aware of your dream but plan the stages that will lead to success. Due to the book I have become more aware of the importance of mindfulness and twitter is an excellent source of inspiration.

@HYHUTriangle  provide many quotes that could maintain your focus on your own personal goal of being a great teacher,


How true is this quote? Well in your next class try it, even with the most testing child, it is a very powerful tool!


The above quote is true for every single pupil in your class. Respect is a two way street it has to be earned and by giving someone your time you are earning their respect. Sometimes though you have to stop and remind yourself as @emmalportal correctly states,


As a leader I respect the fact that every Teacher is different and I believe that the most successful teachers share a little of themselves in each lesson and this therefore implies that you need to believe in you.

As a School leader and a Classroom teacher I have always realised that,


Perhaps more than anything as you feel the weight of the paper work remember what you are trying to achieve and for whom!

I would like to finish my post by wishing you all the luck in the World, follow the guidance of Monty Python and try to always look on the bright side of life and I will finish with a quote from Benjamin Franklin that sums up the role of a great teacher,


Have a wonderful first year!

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