Top 10 Anthems for the end of the School year.

Whilst I am incapacitated due to a ruptured tendon I began to reminisce about being a teenager and how I used to create a Top 10 for almost anything. This made me think of the end of term and with just over a week to go and being unable to sleep, I would like to present my end of School Year Top 10 Anthems..

10) Grange Hill Theme tune

Purely for nostalgia!

9) Baggy Trousers – Madness

It really is about School.

8) Holiday – Madonna

Self explanatory.

7) Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

For all students waiting for their results

6) Hi Ho Silver Lining by Jeff Beck

Brings back many happy memories.

5) Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd

This song was used as our anthem during the 6th Form.

4) Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams

My son came back from his Prom singing this song.

3) Schools Out for Summer – Alice Cooper

Well it had to be in there somewhere.

2) What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

This is to remind us to take a break and realise the beauty and wonder that exists in the World. It is so easy to forget amidst all the paperwork and never ending lists.

1) Mr Blue Sky – ELO

Well, for me, this is the ultimate dream. A blue sky with the sun shining brightly!

I’m sure that many of you will have better and perhaps more unique choices but ultimately this is simply a bit of fun with no measurable impact.

Gwyliau Haf hapus i bawb! A happy Summer Holiday to everyone.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hyfryd. Diolch. Un o fy hoff darnau dyn ni’n chwarae yn y band pres ydy Mr Blue Sky. 10 uchaf rhagorol yn fy marn i. Gobeithio neu di wella’n fuan a chawn tywydd hyfryd am y gwyliau. Pob hwyl. Barri

    1. rjc7 says:

      Diolch. Joio’r gwyliau a gobeithio bydd digon o dywydd braf i fwynhau.

  2. erthom1 says:

    Gwyliau hapus!

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