Welsh Apps to support learning at home

Many new apps have been created to support the Welsh language and the use of the language within the home. Many parents and pupils are not aware of the choice that is now available for both learners and fluent speakers/readers of the language. I have chosen a selection that might be of interest to yourselves.

Learning Welsh:


Cymraeg i’r teulu is Welsh for the family. This is great for parents who want to support their children.


Learn Welsh is another app that supports the development of the language within the home and it is created by Cardiff University.



Rily publications has created a Welsh pictionary that brings the words to life for a younger audience.

download (2)

Ap geiriadur is my preferred choice when the older child or an adult requires a dictionary.

download (39)

Education Terms or Termiadur Addysg is brilliant for all pupils and teachers. If you require a specific term that is subject related e.g. Science, then this is the app for you.

Young Children:

The best app that supports learning through play is

download (43)

Cyw is great fun and children love the games and activities.

The Alphabet in Welsh is an example of an app that children enjoy.


Two Welsh Medium Schools, Llyn y Forwyn and Llwyncelyn have joined with a company to create two fantastic apps on letters and handwriting.

download (1)


download Letters

For a different approach to the alphabet, I have found this a useful app,


I also think that the Flitlits App or Flitwits website which is bilingual is also an excellent resource. Please read review on my blog.


For the older children and adults, new apps are available to support different aspects of life.  Very often we are not aware of activities available in Welsh but the Urdd has tried to overcome this with the app, Fy Ardal. It looks at what is happening in your area as organised by the Urdd.


And during the Urdd Eisteddfod, the eisteddfod app is a necessity,

images (36)

News is now readily available through the medium of Welsh at the click of a button,

download (42)

BBC Cymru Fyw provides the news of the top stories within Wales and around the World.

download (41)

This is an app that links to top news stories. Often it will take you directly to a story on the BBC Cymru website.

I know people will think I’m bias but the best and most accurate weather app is provided by S4C Tywydd,

download (44)

How do you know what books or magazines are available in Welsh? Well two apps provide the answer.




We also have a magazine app from Golwg,


Many games are also available and they are often linked to Stwnsh on S4C or Cyw e.g. Glwp and Ben Dant.

I hope the above selection proves useful and that the makers do not mind me using their images in order to advertise their availability. Welsh as a language is embracing modern technology, it is up to us to share that knowledge and encourage the use of all apps. Finally to those that wish to join in the singing of our National Anthem, ‘Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau’, how about,

unnamed (1)

If you find this blog useful please share with others. Diolch!

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