Twas the month before Christmas…..

Twas the month before Christmas

And all through the School,

Panic had struck,

Only one month to go

Before the Nativity show.

What script shall we use, this one or that?

Do we have the music?

Who shall we cast?

Young Johnny can sing,

But standing still is not his thing.

Young Claire can act,

Young Laura can dance,

But we must give everyone a chance!

Saint Nicholas we cry

As our thoughts turn to fear.

We will never be ready

We will never wipe away the tear.

Three weeks before the performance begins,

Oh I do wish they could sing……

In tune please,

That would put my stress at ease.

Now I must prepare

Calendars, cards and gifts for the fayre.

Books marked and up to date,

And of course my pupil profile is late.

So much to do

And never enough time,

Never a break to share,

Twenty thoughts to chime,

An acrostic poem with the odd rhyme!

Two weeks and still a baby to find.

Why does nobody use swaddling clothes?

Shepherds, Angels all ready in my mind.

But the wool is cotton and the wings have been forgotten.

Marking complete, books ready.

One week to go,

For the heart wrenching

Christmas show.

But the set….the set has not been done,

And the creative designer is ill.

Believe me this is no pun,

Will Johnny ever stand still?

Practise all day long,

No sleep for me.

Forgotten lines, broken wings

The two Kings are no longer three.

A day to go,

Tension high.

A day to go,

My senses sigh.

All nails have gone,

No wonder Santa has white hair.

All pencils chewed

As children sit bemused.

The day has arrived,

The Nativity show.

Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts

Have come to see the annual chant!

Babies cry, mobiles ring,

What will the end of the show bring?

A child waves, a parent smiles.

A clap in the wrong place, 

A King gives his Frank and Myrrrrrrr…..

And Mary and Joseph stand proud,

As Mum and Dad wave in the crowd.

The curtain falls

To rapturous applause.

A success, a triumph

Smiles and glee.

Children happy

The teacher did say an extra present under the tree.

The show is complete

The stress depletes.

And to every teacher in the land,

Let us say thanks!

And in the words of Tiny Tim,

‘God bless us, everyone!’

Now has the party been planned?

Christmas in the post-War United States
Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. Thanks for such an entertaining diary of events. I enjoyed it immensely!

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