What weather has an impact on behaviour?

Ideas-for-a-Windy-Day-Newman-Marjorie-9780890512463Have you ever wondered what weather has the greatest influence on pupil behaviour? In my opinion I am convinced that pupils are influenced by the climate, as the following article suggests

Landsberg (1977: 8) in a review of the effect of environmental forces on humans, found that “there are subtle and largely unknown atmospheric forces that govern our …  moods.” He found that “there is a long catalog of physiological and pathological manifestations for which biometeorologists have established weatherbound symptoms.”  He discussed six weather phases, which he felt were better predictors because they comprise “the totality of the atmospheric environment.” He felt that existing studies point to high winds, high temperatures, high humidities, and low pressures as accounting for behavioral problems.

Well without any graphs to prove my point or any scientific research I believe, as the image above suggests, that the greatest influence on behaviour is a windy day. When I speak to my colleagues they agree that it isn’t sun’ snow or rain but wind that seems to send pupils a little nutty. Whether it is Autumn, Winter, Summer or Spring, the Wind has a direct impact on behaviour. It doesn’t matter if a pupil normally behaves well, when it comes to a windy day all bets are off and the whole nature of a school can change with a few gusts.

I’m sure that many of you would consider wet play as being  a greater cause for concern however in my experience nothing can trump the impact of a windy day. It truly is a puzzle!

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